Con ocasión del décimo aniversario de la emblemática iniciativa de la Franja y la Ruta, OCEX se complace en compartir el artículo de opinión publicado por Velia Govaere en el período chino El Diario del Pueblo, en el setiembre del 2023.

Con un tiraje impreso de más de 3 millones de ejemplares, el Diario del Pueblo es uno de los periódicos más prestigioso de la República Popular China. El artículo fue publicado en idioma chino el 23 de setiembre del 2023 y posteriormente difundido por la Cancillería de la RPC a todas sus embajadas en el mundo.

velia portadaA continuación compartimos con nuestros lectores la versión en inglés de este ampliamente divulgado artículo de opinión.

“Since the beginning of this century, trade with China has provided an important impetus to economic development in Latin America. Latin American countries generally believe that strengthening economic and trade ties with China will help promote their own economic development.

China is one of the most dynamic economies in the world. When the international financial crisis swept the world in 2008, China played an active role in the economic recovery of Latin American countries. The goods produced in China are rich in variety, reliable in quality and reasonable in price, which greatly meet the needs of Latin American companies and consumers. At present, China has become the largest trading partner of many Latin American countries.

Under the framework of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road", China has made full use of its capital, technology and management advantages to continuously strengthen international cooperation. From Argentina to Uruguay and Chile, from Peru to Venezuela and Ecuador, and from Panama to Dominica and Costa Rica, the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" will effectively promote the development of Latin America.

Costa Rica is located in Central America, which connects North and South America, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Its geographical location is very advantageous. Costa Rica urgently needs to strengthen infrastructure construction such as roads, railways, and communications, and improve logistics and communications networks. Costa Rica signed a free trade agreement with China in 2010, and signed a memorandum of understanding with China on jointly building the "Belt and Road" in 2018. The joint construction of the "Belt and Road" can promote the infrastructure construction of Costa Rica and other Central American countries, and help the region give full play to the geographical advantages of connecting two continents and two oceans. People from all walks of life in Costa Rica generally believe that the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" has provided Costa Rica with new development opportunities.

At present, the recovery of the world economy is still in a difficult stage. Both developed and developing countries are facing multiple development challenges. The country needs development, the economy needs recovery, and the people yearn for a better life. Encouraging economic and trade cooperation and maintaining multilateralism is undoubtedly the best choice for all countries and the best solution to overcome many challenges facing human society. The current problems facing the development of the world economy come not only from the economy itself, but also from hegemonism, power politics, protectionism, and the Cold War mentality. Some Western countries are pursuing protectionism, inciting group confrontation, and recklessly wielding the big stick of economic sanctions. "Decoupling and breaking chains" is obviously not conducive to reducing economic risks. Forming small groups based on so-called "common values" is an outdated practice out of touch with history, and will only damage the progress that multilateralism and globalization have brought to human society.

Adhering to and practicing multilateralism is conducive to the progress of the world. The joint construction of the "Belt and Road" adheres to the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, practices true multilateralism, and has received extensive support and participation from the international community. Jointly build the "Belt and Road" to promote infrastructure construction, promote economic and trade cooperation, enhance cultural exchanges, and gather strength for all parties to work together to build a better future.”